Are video games effective to cope with stress?

We all remember the days when video games started to become popular in households all over the world. It all began with very rustic looking games in the 70’s and then things started to evolve in the 80’s and 90’s, but it wasn’t until the early 2k’s that the video game industry started to make games that had adult content. When this happened, it was very clear that video games were no longer for children. Now video games have all kinds of genres and have labels that rate them depending on their content. Continue reading “Are video games effective to cope with stress?”

Family Trainer for the Wii released!

Boxart for the game for Nintendo Wii

Well, Family Trainer – Outdoor Challenge for the Nintendo Wii has finally been launched and is taking the gaming community by storm! This is a great family game and with Christmas coming up a great present to keep the kids (and the adults) entertained!

Some of the reviews online from users: Continue reading “Family Trainer for the Wii released!”

Family Trainer Wii enters UK game chart at 20

The new Nintendo Wii game – Family Trainer Wii – Outdoor Challenge enters the UK Chart at the 20 spot.

Full list of the top 40 games Continue reading “Family Trainer Wii enters UK game chart at 20”

Family Trainer on the Wii gets good review from The Sun

The Sun newspaper has got its hands on a copy of Family Trainer for the Wii and published a nice little review on its website with very positive comments!

Here is a snippet of the review:

“You’ll find it just as fun too, with a mix of single player and multiplayer ideas that’ll have you jumping around on the mat for hours. Whether you’ll lose weight or improve your health is debatable. Continue reading “Family Trainer on the Wii gets good review from The Sun”

Family Wii in top 10 as Fifa stays top in UK chart

Family Wii is in the top 10 best selling games in the UK at number 9 while the football game Fifa 2009 stays at the top. Some other movers are:

Lego Batman: The Videogame came straight in at No. 2 – 22% of sales on Xbox 360, 22% on PS2, 20% on Wii, 17% on PS3, 12% on DS, 6% on PSP and 1% on PC.

Wii Fit is up one place to No3, while Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is down two places to No4. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is at to No5. Namco-Bandai/Atari’s Family Trainer comes in at No9.